Pinhedz Products

The Best Protection Available!

Premium Series – Premium products specifically designed for the high end collector who wants to provide maximum protection and visual brilliance to their collection. Pinhedz provides only the highest quality products which are trusted on even the highest quality restores.  Truly the best wax and cleaning products for pinball machines.

Pinhedz Creamy Carnauba – Quality Carnauba Pinball Playfield wax is proven the best protectant for preventing premature wear on the playfield due to the rollling ball.  It provides the best layer of protection available and when used regularly can extend the life of the game significantly. Also works well on silk screened cabinets to provide protection from UV.  (Pinball Machine Wax)

Pinhedz Playfield Cleaner – Possibly the best cleaning option out there! Solvent based and made specifically for pinball machines. Will remove ball trails and swirl scratches and bring clear coat to a shine better than new.  This products will also remove old wax build up so that you can apply new. (Competitive knowledge, This is not a water based headlight cleaner, but designed and manufacturered with playfields in mind.)

Pinhedz Cabinet UV Protector – Specifically designed for printed vinyl and can be used for new and restored pinball machines and arcade games to clean and protect them from damaging uv rays. The downfall of many older games is the extreme fade over time. Pinhedz UV Pro will help prevent premature fading on printed graphics. It will also remove dirt, dust, and fingerprints and has added UV Blockers to prevent premature aging and wear. Extend the life of printed graphics.

Premium Microfiber- Premium ultra-soft silk edged microfiber towels. Lint free and scratch free designed for buffing and wiping down your pinball machine without risk of damage. Luxurious silk banding to help prevent any scratching. Super soft and absorbent and will not cause scratches when used properly. Two plush heights, one side is for scrubbing while the other side is buffing to a shine.

Black Ops Series

Quick in and out, easy products designed for operators or regular pinball machine owners who just want to job done. Products that will clean and protect in one easy application. Unlike other cleaners that clean and do not effectively wax, Pinhedz protection products always contain quality carnauba wax, the best wax for pinball machines.

Pinhedz One Step Wax – Those who want cleaning and waxing in one application, this product will remove ball trails and swirl scratches, leaving behind a layer of Carnauba wax for optimum surface protection. It is quick and easy, however the quality protection is not sacrificed. (Competitive knowledge, Silicone is NOT sufficient protection and does not last, many “pinball wax” products contain NO WAX at all)

Pinhedz Spray & Wipe – Simple quick cleaning spray designed to remove surface dirt from a protected playfield, plastics or cabinet. Quickly and easily removed the fine black dust from the playfield and plastics without removing wax. This product also cleans and conditions rubber. Used on the cabinet to remove dirt and fingerprints. Leaves a barrier to resist future contaminants. Does not contain UV Blockers.

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